Majumder Manor

Majumder Manor documents Canadian Actor/Comedian Shaun Majumder’s quest to develop the tourism potential in his picturesque hometown of Burlington, Newfoundland. The realization of this passion project will deliver an inspiring and funny look at Shaun Majumder – the dreamer – as he pulls his family, his friends, and his community into his plan to put Burlington on the high-end tourism map. But is the world ready for Shaun’s ever-changing plans?

Shaun Majumder wants to give something truly special back to his hometown of Burlington, Newfoundland, a remote and traditional town on the east coast of Canada that was once a logging and ship-building hub. After travelling the world, Shaun returns to the tiny community of 350 people with the plans of building a small guesthouse. You see, in Burlington there are no hotels or restaurants. A small traditional salt-box guesthouse is perfect, right?

How does the community feel about Shaun’s plan? Will the government financially back Shaun in his wildly entrepreneurial venture? How will he pull together the required resources and still find time for his full-time acting career?

Majumder Manor is the heartwarming, hilarious and humbling story of one man’s attempt to give back to a community that’s given him so much.

13 x 30 minute episodes
Canadian Network: W Network
Season 1 air date: January 7, 2013
Season 2 air date: Spring 2014

  • Shaun Majumder, Every Word Is Absolutely True

  • Frontier

  • Boy on Bridge